Instagram: Find Out More About IG

Find More About Instagram

Instagram is an online social networking platform that enables the users to share videos and photos from their mobile phones. You can also share the videos on other social networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter among others. The maximum duration of the videos is 15 seconds giving you the opportunity to come up with high quality videos. Many users also get Instagram followers to kickstart their accounts.

Requirements Needed to Join Instagram

It is very simple to become a member. All you need is an email address, username and password to be in a position to open an account. You can decide to configure Instagram to Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr among others. You can also choose to share the images via email or within the app. If you do not want any of the options, it is possible to turn them off. You will enjoy variety of free custom designed filters that enables you to give your images different retro effects.

Uses of Instagram in Business

Get more Instagram followers has become a major platform where businesses market their products to the customers by posting short interesting videos and photos of the product that the business deals with. It is a cost effective method of marketing that greatly helps in promoting many businesses online. Some of the benefits the businesses get from Instagram include the following;

Increased Engagement

If your business has an active account, it will benefit from engagements as a result of posting interesting contents. You will be in a position to get more likes, views and comments for posting interesting videos that catch the attention of the members.

Increased Traffic

This is a powerful source of traffic that drives more audience to your posts. It is possible to link every post that you make to other social networking platforms and this helps in building a strong profile.

Gaining Competitive Advantage

This is one of the ways in which many businesses are using in order to beat competition. Instagram can be an effective marketing strategy to be adopted by businesses in order to reach the target audience faster and easier.


Free Advertising

This is another benefit that businesses will get from using Instagram to advertise their products. You do not necessarily have to pay anything in order to advertise your products, this greatly saves you more money.

Instagram is becoming popular each day with so many people signing as members. You can also become a member and learn different ways of making your image more appealing. Posting of short and interesting videos is achieved with ease making you get more likes and comments. The procedure of becoming a member is very simple giving you the opportunity to enjoy so many benefits.

For those who own businesses, you can make good use of Instagram by using it to promote your business. The more likes you have the more people are likely to visit your profile making you popular. This is an effective way of connecting with different people by sharing quality videos and great images as well as free advertising for your products and services.

Vine: Real Human Review

Vine Review

Are you social media oriented individual? Have you ever come across Vine? If not don’t worry, from today on wards you will be a Vine guru. The article is going to provide you special information on Vine that will enable you to be conversant with it. First, Vine is a short video sharing service in which users can share six second looping video clips.

The service has been in place since June 2012. It has an application called Vine’s app that is mandated to browse through videos posted by users, and trending groups videos. Videos of the users are published through Vine’s social network and shared via services like Facebook and Twitter. Make sure to buy real Vine followers cheap at Twisted-Vine or YouTube to boost your account at start and to get more Vine followers.

Features of the Vine App

In-app camera that is used to record short video clips that are maximally six seconds long. The camera can only do this function by touching it. Hence, enabling the users to either create stop motion effects or edit. The other features that were added to Vine in 2013 are curated channels which includes trending topics,users and themed areas, ghost and image tools for camera and ability to protect posts. In 2014, an updated app was introduced. It is referred as loop count. Its uses is: when watching a vine, on top of the video a number appears indicating how many times it has been viewed.

There are various uses of buy Vine followers. They include: stop motion animation, short-form comedy and music performances. It can also be used in journalism, for instance, in 2013 Turkish journalist used in the aftermath of bombing of United States embassy in Ankara. In terms of business promotion, vibe has gained a well established reputation. In 2013, Dubkin Donuts use a single Vine in its television advertisements. Music videos have also been successful in the market under the use Vine.

Like other social media vessels vine has its pros and cons. The advantages are: it improves creativity, that is, the shortest time span of six seconds triggers users to come up with interesting videos that can capture the attention of viewers easily. Its ability to share videos on Twitter, Facebook, website and blog enables brands to widen their market by targeting its audience. Also its easy to use since the video takes few minutes to be recorded.


On other hand there are disadvantages: platform limitations, Vibe is limited to mobile majorly Iphone operating system system. This makes it less effective for the individuals who doesn’t have the system. Also its time restriction sometimes leads to poor generation of ideas and content by users. Marketers also find it difficult in presenting all descriptions of products in six seconds.


For Vine to provide great market challenge for YouTube, Twitter has to resolve some kinks. YouTube has an upper hand over it since it can be used in various software, it has no time limits and marketers can pair YouTube with banner and adds. I hope you have grasped much about Vibe and you are at a position of using it without involving third parties for assistance. Have one and start receiving and sending beautiful videos.